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Sanctuary by Lilybyte
Ughhh I've been trying for hours to make this an interesting picture. HOURS. 

Not my best picture but it's not my worst either. 

Lantern Parade by Lilybyte
Lantern Parade
Slightly experimental. 

It looked creepy at first then I changed the colors around a little and now it looks pretty and magical LOL 

For event 1 for :iconmononoke-station: 
Ao by Lilybyte

Species: Aosagibi
Birthdate/Age: June 27th, 1825/190 years old 
Land of Origin: Japan 
Occupation: Assistant at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Gender: Male 
Sexuality: --
Height: Humanoid: 5'8, Feral: 25 in. 
Weight: Humanoid: 140 lbs, Feral: 28 oz. 

Personality: || Shy || Altruistic || Responsible || Sensitive || Perfectionist || Loyal ||

Ao is shy to a fault. Even after knowing a person long enough, Ao will still retain his shyness. Calling people on the phone or approaching strangers (and even sometimes people he knows) are almost impossible tasks for Ao. The simple act of talking to people can be extremely stressful to Ao. In all honesty, he's very happy to just sit, observe, and listen. 

He cares too much about making other people happy. He takes extreme care to not offend other people or fall short of other people's expectations, especially his own. Conflict is something that he doesn't like to deal with. You could say that his perfectionism and sensitivity stems from his altruism

He takes his responsibilities very seriously. Having the highest expectations for himself, and being the perfectionist that he is, Ao will often go above and beyond what he has to do. Ao will never and could never leave any of his duties unfinished or his debts unpaid. 

Although Ao has tendencies to avoid others whenever possible, if an individual showed kindness to Ao, he will remember them forever. Ao's loyalty isn't especially hard to earn. Kindness goes a long way in Ao's eyes. 


Ao's name as a bird, if he had one, is lost. Still, I'll be referring to him as Ao even when he wasn't necessarily called Ao. The point where he was officially called Ao is bolded.

Word count: 421

Ao was born a normal Black Crowned Night Heron to normal bird parents, and lived a normal bird life in the wetlands with a colony of other herons. As a bird, he never worried or cared about how long he would live, but he would come to outlive his parents, siblings, and the colony he was born into. Considered long lived at the age of nearly 30, Ao began to develop into a yokai, an Aosagibi. After that, he left the colony of normal herons to join a colony of Aosagibi, traveling with them to the sanctuary called the Mononoke Station. 

Like the other Aosagibi, Ao retained his shyness and wariness of humans that he had as a normal bird (though he often took on a human form to walk around forests). Despite the safety of the sanctuary, Ao had an attachment to the marshes where he was born, so he would make regular trips from the sanctuary to the marshes and back again. He did a good job of avoiding humans for almost 180 years, but finally hit bad luck and got himself caught in a trap. Thankfully, it was only half a day later before someone rescued him. A middle-aged man who was taking a leisurely stroll to appreciate the wildlife found Ao trapped and injured from trying to struggle out of it.

Coincidentally, the middle-aged man was an expert of dealing with wild animals and worked at a wildlife rehabilitation center. Seemingly not aware that Ao was actually a yokai, after he successfully pried Ao out of the trap, he brought the bird to the rehabilitation center he worked at.  Before he was released back into the wild where the man found him, the man had named the bird Ao. Although Ao only spent a week at the center before being deemed fully recovered, the middle aged man left a strong impression on him.

Even though he was still wary and shy of most humans, he felt indebted to the man. After working up the courage, Ao returned to the rehabilitation center in his human form three days later, requesting to be granted the opportunity to work there. He introduced himself as Ao, a 19 year old student who had the desire to help animals. The middle-aged man smiled warmly at the name, remembering the bird that he helped. He hired Ao, told him of the heron he helped just a few days ago, and that he was sure that it must have been some sort of sign. 

Strengths: || Reliable || Patient || Listener ||

Ao is extremely reliable and has a good work ethic. If he promises to do something, it will always get done. More often than not, Ao will exceed expectations. He's a very patient person and jobs that require him to be meticulous with details aren't a problem. Disliking to talk, Ao is a very talented listener and remembers a lot of the things that others tell him. 

Weaknesses: ||Easy to take advantage of|| Represses Feelings|| Overloads Self ||

Being kind is nice, but Ao is too nice sometimes. Unable to stand the thought of others being upset, Ao has a ridiculously hard time with saying no. Often, he will end up with way too much on his plate than he can handle emotionally. Because of his strong sense of duty and the high expectation he places on himself, he ends up stressing. However, even if his inability to say no causes him to struggle with the overload of acquired duties, Ao keeps his stresses to himself. He internalizes his feelings so vigorously that he doesn't know how to put them into words. 

+Evenings (Black Crowned Night Herons are, as their name suggests, nocturnal. Though he has adjusted his sleep schedule to work at the rehabilitation center, mornings are not a good time for Ao.)


+Fireworks/Lanterns (As an Aosagibi, Ao is capable of making spectacular light shows. He admires humans for being able to do the same. Ao really enjoys fireworks and the lanterns that they release into the air, though he could do without the noise pollution of the fireworks.) 

-Crowds of Humans/Human Cities (He hates the noise and the pollution of the city. Ao finds the endless skyscrapers to be an ugly mark on the earth.)


-Gossiping (Finds the act distasteful) 

Extra Information:
- Has worked at the rehabilitation center for 10 years and will continue to work there until the man dies or retires.  

-Despite receiving salary, he doesn't tend to use it on anything, preferring to veer away from human society. He continues to live more as a bird than a human, but having been around the workers at the rehabilitation center for 10 years, has learned enough about human mannerisms to seem "normal". 
I'm sorry I'm back in college now but I'm sure I'll find a way to keep my gallery alive here Q 7 Q;;/ 

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If you're interested please drop by! Thanks for your time!
Lilybyte Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you for thinking of me and suggesting the group! 

It looks really interesting and I'll consider it. School has been busy lately so I need to think about it a little more. If I were to join how active would I have to be? 
TMKaleidoscope Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for checking it out! ; v ;
You wouldn't have to be too active, I'm sure the occasional art of your oc or just an RP once in a while is fine!
Basically, just enough to know you're still breathing LOL

I understand how it is to be busy with school, so no worries >V<b
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During the revamping we opened a school for demons that will now go head to head with the half breeds from Edison Academy. The demon school is for elegant or intelligent demons across the world. The school they will attend is Ellewood Academy, but something you should know is that demons are swore enemies with half breeds so will raise a fight against them to create a school war or will you find your self committed to one and pressure them.
Yes you may be a half breed or demon  if you wish to find out more then click the group icon.

Uniforms for new school:

thank you for reading and feel free to ignore if you are not interested. Have a nice day :D
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