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Godsglaow Sketch Dump 2


Sketches/Lineart- 10 points x 9= 90

Colored, Shaded- 40
Colored, Shaded, Simple Background- 50 points


Sketches/Lineart- 30 points x 4 = 120

Colored, shaded- 80 x 5 = 400


Sketches, Lineart- 50 points

Colored, Shaded- 100 points x 4 = 400

Colored, Shaded, simple background- 150 points

1300 points 
GR: Renzo Amici

Name: Renzo Amici

Gender: Male

Age: looks 35-37 (actual age is 67) 

Nationality: Italian

Position: Art Therapist


Loud: Renzo is very loud and enthusiastic. Even when talking normally, his voice volume is a bit loud. He has no problems with projecting or yelling across the street. (He gets that some people get annoyed with his loud voice, so he tries to speak softer indoors- he's quite considerate.)

Extrovert: He loves being with people and making friends with everyone. If he sees someone he doesn’t know he’ll go up to them and start talking with them.  

Expressive: Things like anger, happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, and disgust will show on his face very plainly. They are also clear in his actions and the things that he does. Renzo isn't ashamed of whining either. He's a bit like a big kid. He also talks with his arms and hands a lot.

Affectionate: Renzo likes being in contact with people physically. So he'll do things like hug you from behind, put your arm around you or hold your hand. He is aware that some people may be uncomfortable with it, however, he also trusts that the people will say that they are uncomfortable. If they say they're uncomfortable, he will stop.

Joker: He likes to joke around a lot. Some of his jokes get a little raunchy sometimes.


As a child, Renzo had been quite an artist. His parents supported his dreams quite fervently. However, when news came that his father had died in the war, Renzo stopped drawing. As the oldest child, Renzo became the ‘man of the house’.

Renzo was in his late teens when he signed up to fight for Italy’s independence and unification. Despite his father being killed in the war, Renzo was more than willing to fight. Many of his friends died in front of him, and Renzo wanted to give up and run away so many times, but he persevered.

Then, he was shot in the leg. The range of movement in his leg became severely limited. He couldn’t walk very far without a cane let alone run. Able to see that he would be completely useless on the battlefield, they sent him home.

Being home was a lot more difficult and a lot less of a relief than he thought it would be. Any noise sent him into panic and nightmares plagued him every night. Every time he closed his eyes, all he could see was bodies upon bodies soaked in blood. It was terrible.

Renzo moved out of his family’s house as soon as he could and made sure to move as far away as possible. He felt like he was going crazy, but he didn’t want his family or anybody else that he knew to know. After about two weeks living on his own, a daegra found him and latched onto him, attracted by the consistent nightmares he’d been having. Renzo gradually began to get more and more afraid of interacting with people and going outside. He became a recluse and his former childhood passion for art reignited.

Actually, drawing helped him feel a lot better and less crazy. The nightmares stopped. He drew more and more and more. He made a deal with his landlord that if the landlord could sell his artwork, 60 percent of the money made would go to him and the other 40 percent would be for Renzo’s food money, which the landlord also bought for him. It was a good deal. Renzo wouldn’t need to go outside and he would only have to interact with one person. His existence was quickly forgotten by the community (except for the landlord of course).

One day, he began to have hallucinations that his paintings were talking to him. He also began to have dreams of conversing with a painting. Then, he began having dreams of a dog that could paint with its tail. He started to see the dog in his waking hours too. Renzo drew and wrote about all these occurrences in his journal and never showed them to anybody.

A few years later, at the age of 35, Renzo stepped out of his home. He was so different that the landlord was not sure that he was the same person. Renzo was cheerful, happy, slightly hyper, loud, and extroverted. He thanked the landlord for helping him all these years and told him that he would sell his own art from now on and that he would pay rent the normal way.

Knowing how much art helped him throughout the years, he decided to make a business off of therapy using art. He reached out to mostly soldiers initially but accepted others as well. Two years later, he received an interesting letter from the Headmistress of Godsglaow saying that they would be glad for his service.

Renzo accepted.

Current Level:

Power:  Art Manipulation

Ability 1: Art Hypnosis- The ability to calm a person down through his artwork. The art must have been done on the day and he must have intentionally drawn it for the purpose of calming a person down. Of course, the person must be looking at the art for it to work.

    Tier 1: The person must look at the artwork for 7 seconds for hypnosis to work.

    Tier 2: The person must look at the artwork for 5 seconds for hypnosis to work.

    Tier 3: The person must look at the artwork for 3 seconds for hypnosis to work.

Ability 2: Art Summon- The ability to summon drawings out of the paper. He can only do this with drawings that he’s done and it must have been done in the moment. The drawings don’t have their own consciousness but rather share a conscious with Renzo. If not in battle, Renzo can maintain the drawings for an hour at the most.

    Tier 1: He can summon at the most one drawing out of the paper. If in battle, the drawing can withstand three hits before it dissipates.

    Tier 2: He can summon at the most three drawings out of the paper. If in battle, the drawing can withstand five hits before it dissipates.

    Tier 3: He can summon at the most five drawings out of the paper. If in battle, the drawing can withstand 10 hits before it dissipates.

Ability 3: Art Entrapment- The ability to trap enemies in drawings or paintings that he drew himself. This ability does not extend to written forms of art, sculptures, or photographs. If the drawing gets wet the trap is released.

    Tier 1: He can trap one enemy in a drawing/painting for 12 hours and can use the ability once every two weeks.

    Tier 2: He can trap two enemies at once in a drawing/painting for 48 hours and can use the ability once every three weeks.

    Tier 3: He can trap four enemies at once in a drawing/painting (for forever) but can only use the ability once every month.

Ability 4: LOCKED


-Renzo is Italian but he speaks both Italian and English fluently.

-He was shot in his right leg. He doesn’t use a cane anymore (he does have it with him) but he actually does need it. Walking, running, and standing for very long isn’t something that he can do. It would not be strange to see him sitting in the hallway or on the stairs because it’s so painful he can’t walk. (He would appreciate the help if you find him this way!!)

-Sexuality: Gay.

-His daegra looks like a drawing, but he’s not flat, he’s 3 dimensional.

-Previously had PTSD and Agoraphobia 

Quotes: “Molto bene!!” (Very good)

 “Buon Giorno, sweetheart!” (Good day!)

 “Meraviglioso!” (Wonderful!)

 “(insert request here), Per favore,” (Please)
Wardrobe Meme
Colored, Shaded, Simple Background: 150 x 4 = 600 points 




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