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Thanks for visiting my profile!

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I was kinda curious and wanted to see my evolution with (digital) backgrounds so here we go!! 


Tired by Lilybyte Windy and Sunny by Lilybyte  Zombie Killers Cover by Lilybyte  Piggy Back Ride by Lilybyte  My garden by Lilybyte  Allen Crossdress Colored ver by Lilybyte  Kitsune Seiren by Lilybyte


16181320935 by Lilybyte  Public X Enemy Base by Lilybyte 


Who are you looking at? by Lilybyte  Born Free by Lilybyte  Landscapedump by Lilybyte  Xanax by Lilybyte  Snow White by Lilybyte

Contrast by Lilybyte 


Hanaemi by Lilybyte  N e s t by Lilybyte  Distrust by Lilybyte  Ceres by Lilybyte  South Sector by Lilybyte  Offerings by Lilybyte  Summer Event: Parade by Lilybyte  Spring Event: Flower Viewing by Lilybyte  Spring Event: Bubble Blowing by Lilybyte  Cat Nap by Lilybyte  Tzafrir by Lilybyte  H i r o k i by Lilybyte  Card Wars by Lilybyte


Unsure by Lilybyte  Happy Easter! by Lilybyte  Stare Down by Lilybyte  Getting Ready by Lilybyte  Under The Wisteria by Lilybyte  Good Morning Kitten by Lilybyte  Flower Arrangement by Lilybyte  7 Days Color Challenge: Purple by Lilybyte  7 Days Color Challenge: Green by Lilybyte  Peter Pan by Lilybyte  Sanctuary by Lilybyte  The Beginning of Every Journey by Lilybyte  Missing Parts by Lilybyte  Daydreams by Lilybyte  Whale Watching by Lilybyte  Lantern Parade by Lilybyte


Through the Looking Glass by Lilybyte  Honestly, by Lilybyte  The Witch's Workshop by Lilybyte  Shells to Shells by Lilybyte  The Merman's Cave by Lilybyte  Temple by Lilybyte  Believe by Lilybyte  Behind Door #1 by Lilybyte  Fade by Lilybyte  Cat Watching by Lilybyte  Thorns by Lilybyte  Lugubrious by Lilybyte  Dazed by Lilybyte  Decorating by Lilybyte


Peace and Quiet by Lilybyte  Free of Worry by Lilybyte  Fairy Ring by Lilybyte
I Walked With You Once Upon A Dream
Keiran meeting his daegra in a dream! Another small scale painting. Tfw you feel like painting but not the big stuff LOOOLLL 

This one's a bit messier than the last- 


Waist up, Colored, Shaded, Simple Background: 100 points 
Fairy Ring
I felt like drawing small scale paintings instead of the larger ones I normally do! Also, less details.


Full Body, Colored, Shaded, Detailed Background: 200 points  
Godsglaow Sketch Dump 1

Bust shot, Lineart/Sketch: 5 x 10 points = 50

Bust shot, Colored: 2 x 30 points = 60 

Bust shot, Colored, Shaded, Simple background: 2 x 50 points = 100

Waist up, lineart/sketch: 4 x 30 points = 120

Waist up, Colored: 50 points = 50 

Waist up, Colored, Shaded, Simple background: 100 points = 100

Full body, Lineart/sketch: 50 points = 50

Full body, Colored: 11 x 80 points = 880 


1410 points 

(Please correct me if I'm wrong!!!) 
Free of Worry

Assignment: past life 

I'm not sure if this is right please correct me if I'm wrong //cries 

Full body Colored, Shaded, Detailed background: 200 points 
2x Full Body colored, shaded: 100 points each = 200 points +

400 points 



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Sucr0seFiction Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017
weeps tysm for the fave ; u ; <3
Lilybyte Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Student Digital Artist

I hope to rp with your oc one day soon!!!! >W<
Sucr0seFiction Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017
YELLS I WOULD LOVE THAT!! hmu anytime, or i'll hit you up @ u @!! 
art5555 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017
I really like your art! Is so well made!
Lilybyte Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!! >W< I'm really happy that you like my art~ 
loloalien Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Animation xmas Thank You for the FAV 1 by LA-StockEmotes


I noticed you were into role playing groups! *v*/ 

I want to invite you to our role playing group, :iconjuu-nin: where a bunch of us are in a plot based role play about sword gijinka! We’re always adding new things and we’re looking for new members until the 28th of this month… But, we may offer a week extension if you need it. So, come join us! *v*

Jorgipie Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the fav! Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5]
Ink Jelly by Jorgipie
timeis-tickin Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist
hi!! thanks for the favs!!
Lilybyte Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You're very welcome >w<!!! 
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