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Lugubrious by Lilybyte
I'm so ready for school to be overRRRRRRRR //sob 
Friend feature because she deserves it and has very cute arts! Please check out her gallery!!! 


Practice 4 - Hungry by MoumentePractice 2 - The Cave by Moumente
Boe by Moumente
Shared Throne by Lilybyte
Shared Throne
This is a colored version of my inktober drawing for Royal Witch:…

I'm sorry I haven't been very active ;;; 
Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 10.51.39 PM by Lilybyte
Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 4.19.23 PM by Lilybyte
Kishi by Lilybyte


Name: Kishi

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 5’8

Job: Fisherman (Spear Fishing specifically)

Animal: Black Serval


Kishi is a mischievous character and gets himself into all sorts of trouble because of it. He means well, though. All he wants to do is have fun. He loves playing pranks on people, which sometimes causes trouble for other people, but they are funny to look back on. Adding to the trouble he finds himself into, Kishi has a sense of adventure. He loves exploring places, especially places that are rumored to be haunted or have some sort of supernatural backstory. He won’t mind going alone, but he loves the company of other people on his adventures. Kishi’s a very extroverted people person and makes friends quite easily.

He’s very childish and immature at times. For example, he’ll sing the kissing in a tree song at people he thinks are into each other. He also likes attention, like a child, and will get very upset if you don’t give it to him when he wants it. Despite his childish nature, he’s a very independent person, though sometimes he’s very lazy and would rather have other people do things for him. He has lived on his own for a few years without incident, though.


-Anything supernatural, haunted, or cursed. If he gives something to you, question what it is first. It could be the doll who has the soul of a girl who died tragically, after all.

-Pranking people

-Cute things

-Hot guys

-Attention (Includes: hanging out with him, going on adventures with him, talking to him, feeding him, looking at him, holding him, and petting him.)

-Fish and spicy food


-Not being acknowledged

-Strict rules/Strict people

-Dogs (He’s deathly afraid of them)


He lived a rather exciting childhood traveling from place to place with his mom and dad. They were like nomads in a way and never stayed in one place for very long. The shortest stay they had was probably a month and a half. Some people might say that it was unfortunate he had no siblings, but Kishi relished in the fact that his parents’ attention was focused entirely on him.

They always made sure to go to places with water and fish, as Kishi’s father made a living as a fisherman. Kishi’s mother was an accomplished craftswoman and made all sorts of jewelry, charms, and even clothing. Although Kishi had a passion for fashion, however, he ended up picking up his father’s occupation of fishing.

As a result of their traveling and occupations, they would often run into extremely interesting people. It was often these people who would recommend the town, city, or country they should head to next. Kishi’s favorite people would be the people who had really good scary stories, though. There was one Halloween where one of his mother’s customers tried to scare him with a scary story, but it had the opposite effect and Kishi was completely enchanted with the supernatural from that moment onward.

Sadly, not all of Kishi’s memories of traveling were good ones. At the last city that they were in before Mizuyama, Kishi got chased and attacked by a stray dog. He was wary of dogs before that, but after that experience, he became deathly afraid of them. The bite was rather bad, and he had a small infection. His parents, deciding that the big city was too stressful for Kishi to recover in, moved to the small community of Mizuyama after it was suggested to them by a customer.

Kishi’s mom and dad fell in love with the small town, though, and even when Kishi healed up enough to regularly travel again, they decided to stay for a little longer than they usually stay in one place. A few years later, when their parents got wanderlust again, Kishi didn’t want to leave. He had made friends here that he got attached to. Thankfully, Kishi was already old enough by this time that his parents were comfortable enough with leaving him in the town to live on his own. Also, because it was a small town where everyone knew everyone, they knew that the other townspeople would help Kishi if he needed it.


-Kishi’s sexuality is: Very gay.
-On that note, while I don’t mind shipping I’d like to build up to it first before anybody gets in anyone’s pants, thanks.

-Yes, he does put make-up around his eyes and he loves it.

-I normally rp on skype, but I’m very picky about who I give my skype to. I am willing to rp through notes and google doc, though.

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