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CR: Brian Gaunt

Name: Brian Gaunt (Stagename: The Selkie Prince, “Prince” for short)

Age: Physical- 26, Spiritual-12

Gender: Male

Department: Freakshow

Act: Selkie


Ability 1: Mind Reading: He can read minds -only one person at a time, though. The person has to be within 10 feet. Usually, thoughts are more impressions, images. The images won’t be like a clear movie, rather, more like an out of focus image. The more someone focuses on what they’re thinking of, the clearer the image is.

Ability 2: Memory Reading: The ability to see a person’s memories. Memories are usually faulty and not accurate so this ability is a bit unreliable. It’s only what the person remembers/how they remember it.

Ability 3: Psychic Communication: He can telepathically communicate with other people. The person has to be within 20 feet. He can hold a conversation for 20 minutes maximum, recovery time half an hour.

Ability 4: Persuasion: The ability to make someone do what he wants them to do and persuade their mind that it was their idea all along. For example, if someone wants to attack him, he can mentally change their mind and insert thoughts about why it would be a bad idea to further persuade them to not. If a person is particularly stubborn, it might not work in time. If he uses it too much on the same person, they might get suspicious.

    -Passive: The closer Brian is to someone, and the more the person likes Brian, the better the ability works.

Ability 5: Amnesia: The ability to make someone forget something that happened within two hours. It works best if it just happened. If it happened two hours ago, they might have a feeling they forgot something, like a ‘I wanted to tell you something, but I can’t remember it at all!’ sort of feeling. If it just happened, the person won’t notice a thing.

    -Passive: If Brian is touching the person, the amount increases to within four hours.

Romantic/Sexual Orientation: Bisexual/Biromantic


Depressed: Overall, he’s a miserable sod, sad and sighing his days away. Think, Eeyore.

Pessimistic: He’s actually always been a bit cynical and negative about things. The circus really brings it out in him, though. “My parents hate me so what’s the point, I’ll never be good at being a lapidary, I’ll never be able to change, I’ll never get out of this circus, nobody will love me, I look so ugly, humans are the worst, and everything is pointless.”

Resigned: He’s mostly accepted the fact that there’s no way he’ll get out of the circus. He’ll complain and say rude things, but it’s obvious he’s defeated and he’s given up.

Apathetic: He was always apathetic towards his family, but now he’s apathetic to everything in general. There isn’t much he cares about and nothing he looks forward to anymore.

Disrespectful: He still has enough fire in him to say rude things. I doubt he’s the Lady’s or staff’s favorite person.


Articulate: He can actually hold a really good conversation, which is how he was able to get around when he was younger. He was very charming and knew how to maneuver in a conversation to get on their good side. He could have been great in customer service and sales, but he used the skill to get into other people’s beds instead.

Appreciative: He’s a lot more appreciative for what he has and what he had these days. He doesn’t take anything for granted- even if the fish are rotten, it’s food, and even if the cage sucks, it’s a roof over his head and a place to sleep. At least he’s alive.

Alert/Observant: Brian pays close attention to body language and people’s expressions. It was something he did when he was picking people up at bars, but it’s proven to be a useful skill at the circus too.

Educated: He’s actually smart but he doesn’t do anything useful with what he knows. He could have been a straight A student genius but he chose to slack off instead.

Fun-Loving: He appreciates pranks, banter, and jokes still. You might get a few smiles out of him for a particularly clever prank.


Brian came from a long line of Lapidaries, which are artisans who work with cutting, engraving, and polishing stones and gems. Their business was an extremely successful one and his family was extremely well-to-do. (The family could travel around the world and still have money to splurge.) Brian was the youngest of three sons and was a rather spoiled and entitled brat who thought that the world revolved around him. While his older brothers worked hard to improve their skill doing lapidary work and pleasing their parents, Brian became known as the “Wayward son of the Lapidary Gaunt family.”

The boy would come home drunk at least three times a week, openly slept with half the girls and secretly bedded half the men in the city, had been arrested and held in a cell in Scotland Yard too many times to count. His crimes would be things like public indecency, desecration of private property, brawling in the streets, and disrespecting law enforcement. All in all, Brian was a difficult child and the only reason he hadn’t been outright disowned was because of his mother. At 26, he still hadn’t matured, using his looks and his money to get his way wherever he went.

He and his friends were walking around in broad daylight, already tipsy, when they saw the posters for the circus. They went and spent most of their time being particularly obnoxious to the poor souls in the Freakshow exhibits. Brian lead the teasing and taunting, and though they received some looks, nobody really stepped forward to stop them. After they grew bored of being complete jerks, they left, or at least, Brian’s friends did.

Brian, on the other hand, was knocked out as the trio passed an alley between two tents in a quieter area of the circus. He was dragged to the Lady and made into one of the Freaks that he had so much fun taunting that day.

12 years later, he still has a little bit of fire in him to shoot a disrespectful comment occasionally, but he has definitely matured over the years. Sometimes, as he accepts the rotting fish and remembers how 12 years ago he would have thrown a temper tantrum about not getting high end food, he thinks that maybe the circus was good for him. Of course, he’d love to be free, but for now he’s resigned to this life.


-Being left in a cage leaves a lot of time for one to think about things. After rolling it over in his head a few times, he realized that he had one lover that he might have had feelings for. Some days he hopes they come to the circus so he can see them, other days he hopes they never get curious about the circus.

-Brian is 5’10

-His scars are from: Bar+Street fights, Being beaten into submission and silence before being put in Freakshow, and the first five years in the circus

RP method:

Lit rp on discord.

Shipping: Ship away!
Godsglaow Sketch Dump 4

Full body Sketch = 50 x 10 = 500

Waist up Sketch = 30 x 8 = 240 

Waist up Colored = 50 x 12 = 600 

Bust Shot Sketch = 10 x 10 = 100 

Colored = 30 x 10 = 300 

1740 points 
Spring Day 2

Bustshot Colored, Shaded, Simple background: 50 points 

Full Body Colored, Shaded, Detailed background: 200 points

Full body Colored, Shaded: 100 points 

350 points 
Spring Day 1
It's a little messier than my usual works, but I felt this was also way too refined for a sketch dump. 


Bust shot, Colored, Shaded, Detailed background: 80 points 

Bust shot, Colored, Shaded: 40 points x 2




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